My name's Ashley and I'm a 21 year old living in New York. I'm currently an undergraduate majoring in Psychology, and double minoring in Counseling and GraphIc Design. My future lies ahead in the field of social work where I hope to aid those who feel hopless and trapped, much like I did growing up. My other passion is art, in any sense of the word through form and media. My ideal of a perfect life would be to do therapy at my own pace and being inspired and producing artwork through the conversations I have with people. As of now I would not consider myself an artist since I seldom create art pieces and when I do they are randomly timed and sporadic. However, this does not negate my desire to create when I please, and I have a deep aesthetic appreciation for other people's creations. I am both an introvert and an extrovert, as I enjoy solitary activities as much as going out on an adventure. I embrace unconventional concepts and the people alike, and am always looking for a challenge. I am quite perfectionistic by virtue but, a free spirit by nature. Everything about me is dual in a sense, as my personalty and emotions are bound by two extremes and I never feel a middle ground.

Sun Sign: Cancer
Moon Sign: Sagittarius

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